find a guy who'll hold ur hand just before the traffic light truns green
who'll accompany you anywhere just to be with you who'll smell ur hair every chane he get

who'll wipe off ur sweet with his hanky

who'll makes u feel beautiful when ur with him

who'll tell you are beautiful even on a bad hair day (which is pretty much everyday)

who'll makes you feel scured even if there'salot of prety girl around him

who always copliment you who wouldnt want to let you go even if its time for you to go

who'll look at you lile ur the only girl he sees

who'll spoil you

who'll kiss you and dance with you in the rain

who'll open the door for you

who still talk to you even if he's so sleepy and us so scared

who's patent when you take forever to get ready

who'll apologize if he did someting wrong or even if he didnt

who waots to show you off to the world when ur not wlth him,he's all that you cant think about

who'll call you to tall to you about nothing at all

who'll look at u and make you yet butterfliss in ur stomach

find a guy who occupies your even dream and if u find him,never let him go
who is love.

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